I plan to paint a series of ten oil paintings (six 30”x40” and four 36”x36”) entitled, “ALSO” that reinsert the principle of the sanctity of life into the phrase “All Lives Matter.” Unfortunately, these words have recently become the knowingly (and for some, naively) dismissive knee jerk response of many Americans to the #Black lives Matter movement.  These paintings retrieve the phrase “All Lives Matter,” out of the hands of racism, and reframe it as the embracing principle in which all humanity is founded.  Nine of the ten paintings will be nonviolent narratives of marginalized people with the phrase, “All Lives Matter” repeatedly blended into the painting surface as if the words are supporting or embracing the individual(s).

      The painting, TOO, which can be viewed in the portfolio section on this website, is the first painting of the series and introduces the body of work’s narrative theme of empathy and compassion.  White protestors from the Universalist Unitarian Church’s Social Committee are seen protesting in downtown Athens, GA.  The phrase, “All Lives Matter,” covers the sidewalk and building walls and are the threads of the banner from which the words "Black Lives Matter" rises  (as does the implied yellow word-TOO, located below "Black Lives Matter".) 

       An audio component will accompany each painting to create a textured art experience. Each sound track may be congruent or incongruent with the painting and will vary in type, perhaps being a sound effect, a text or poem being read, a song, a clip of a broadcast, an interview, a conversation, or anything that elevates the work and overlying message.  The technology will involve using a QR code that allows a smartphone to link to YouTube where the audio can be heard while the viewer observes the painting in person.  An image of the artwork and audio will be downloaded to my YouTube channel.  During the exhibition, each artwork label will have a QR code and the URL. Using a smartphone or tablet, the viewer scans the QR code or types in the URL and is connected to the soundtrack.

      I am truly excited about this project. I feel that my project, “ALSO”, can reach a large and diverse audience and will bring awareness to a present social callousness in our country.  Thank you for your consideration.

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