This series of large oil paintings  entitled "It All Ads Up: Becoming an American Woman" focuses on the impact of advertisement on the female psyche from age five to twenty one.  I have chosen advertisements from my formative years, 1960-1980, and will recreate parts of the advertisement using my face in the rendering of the female in the advertisement.  The first painting of this series  " In 1962, Avon Called and Told Me that Makeup Can Make Me Beautiful"  is completed and can be viewed in the portfolio section of this website.

            A video component will accompany each painting to create a textured art experience. The technology will involve using a QR code that allows a smartphone to link to YouTube where the actual commercial or advertisement can be viewed while the viewer observes the painting in person. During the exhibition, each artwork label will have a QR code and the URL. Using a smartphone or tablet, the viewer scans the QR code or types in the URL and is connected to the video.  

     I am truly excited about this project. I feel that it can reach a large and diverse audience and hopefully bring awareness to this important social and cultural issue.  Thank you for your consideration.






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