The proposed exhibition, The Space Between Us, consists of 20 original oil paintings that examine our instinctual nature to make snap judgments of others and then create narratives based on those initial assumptions.  These assumptions become our inner narratives: playing havoc with how we view ourselves and on how we interact with people who are different from ourselves thus, further expanding the space between us. 

     Many of the exhibited paintings feature people of different ages and races in daily activities.  The genesis of these works comes from my own experiences.  They are the stories derived from the space between the artist and the individuals: my snap judgments and ensuing impressions recorded in oil on canvas.

     Other paintings are portraits that include collaged lettering with excerpts of poems that provide insight into the subjects.  The poetry included in these paintings is designed to introduce viewers to the individuals and provide a means for emotional or intellectual connections. The poetry is applied word-by word, or sometimes letter-by-letter, using typefaces in carefully selected styles, sizes, and color from newspapers and magazines. As well as adding meaning to the paintings, the collaged words contribute to the artworks’ texture and energy.

     Twelve of the paintings were displayed at North Charleston City Gallery in September 2015 and reviewed by Scott Elingburg for the Charleston newspaper Post and Courier


"Croft's exhibit, "The Space Between Us," is a collection of portraits that stand out for their blurred realism and their depth of emotion.  Croft's oil paintings capture her subjects in some of the more nuanced moments of their lives...But once you examine the lines of her art and the lines on her subjects' faces, you'll see something different.  These people, much like her title suggests, look like us.  And often there is some emotional, social, or technological divide." (Elingsburg, Scott.  "North Charleston City Gallery Displays Exhibit of Portraits and Abstract Art." N.p. 3 Sept. Web)


  The paintings in the portfolio section of this website that are included in the exhibit have an asterick before the title.  Several paintings are still being created in my studio. 





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