Grants and Awards 

2022       Create Athens Good Neighbor Award, Envision Athens Organization

2020     Merit Award, Lyndon House 45th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Juror,

                       Larry Ossei-Mensah: Susanne Feld Hilberry senior curator at the

                       Museum of Contemporary Art

                       Detroit, Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, GA   

2012      Kress Project Winner, Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, GA

Curatorial Projects

2018      Resonance: a bi-sensory art exhibit, co-curated with Jackie  

                      Dorsey, Oconee County Arts Foundation, Watkinsville, GA

Solo Exhibitions

2021      Invitational Online Exhibit, NYC Phoenix Art Collective, New York, 


                 TOO: An Orientation of Spirit, OCAF, Watkinsville, GA

                Black Lives MatterThe Tiny Ath Gallery, Athens, GA

2020     Paintings, Athens’ Surgical Center, Athens, GA

2018      Illuminations, Universal Unitarian Church, Athens, GA

2017       Sixteen Stories, Oconee Library, Watkinsville, GA

2015      The Space Between Us (two-person show), City Gallery, Charleston, SC

2013      Menagerie: paintings by Melody Croft, White Tiger, Athens, GA

                Goddesses: The Real and The Imagined, The Loft Gallery,

                     Watkinsville, GA

2012      Melody Croft Paintings, Hendershots, Athens, GA

Group Exhibitions

2022         By Any Other Name, Athica, Athens, GA

                      Rhythm & Movement: The Art of Music, The Oconee Cultural Arts          

                           Foundation, Watkinsville, GA

2021        Member's Exhibit, Athica, Athens, GA

                   Black Art Matters, Juror, Toya Northington, executive director, artThrust                                   and Community Engagement Strategist at the Speed Art Museum,                                         Golding-Yang Art Gallery, Morehead State University, Morehead,                                             Kentucky

2020      Memorial. Monument. Movement Exhibition, Art Against Racism,


                 Congruence: Summer 2020 Juried Exhibition, Juror, Bridgette Mayer,

                          I Like Your Work Podcast,


                  Lyndon House 45th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Juror, Larry Ossei-

                        Mensah: Susanne Feld Hilberry senior curator at the Museum of

                         Contemporary Art Detroit, Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, GA

2019       Lyndon House 44th Annual Juried Exhibition, Juror, Lauren Haynes:

                       curator of contemporary art at the Crystal Bridges Museum of

                       American Art and curator of  visual arts at the Momentary, Lyndon

                        House Arts Center, Athens, GA

                  Art On Paper, Site: Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York

                  Callanwolde Juried Art Exhibition, Callanwolde Fine Arts Center,

                       Atlanta, GA

                  Concrete and Adrift, Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA

2018       National Juried Exhibition, Athica, Athens, GA

                  Winterville Art Council Juried Exhibition, Winterville Art Center,

                       Winterville, GA 

                  Fall Juried Art Exhibition, Tannery Row Artist Colony, Buford, GA

                  Picturing the Black Fantastic, Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, GA

                  Reciprocal IV, University of North Georgia, Watkinsville, GA

                  Resonance: a bi-sensory art exhibit, Oconee County Arts Foundation,

                       Watkinsville, GA

2017        Critical Concerns, Janalyn Hanson White Gallery, Mount Mercy

                       University, Cedar Rapids, IA

                  Lady fest Atlanta, 368 Ponce, Atlanta GA

                  Nasty Women Athens, Trio Contemporary Art Gallery, Athens, GA

                   Southworks, Oconee County Arts Foundation, Watkinsville, GA

2016       Lyndon House 41st Annual Juried Exhibition, Lyndon House Arts     

                      Center, Athens, GA

2015        Trilogy: Soul, Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, Marietta, GA

                  Trilogy: Body, Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, Marietta, GA

                  Trilogy: Mind, Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, Marietta, GA

2014       Artists from Anywhere but Illinois Art Show, Chicago Urban

                     Art Retreat Center, Chicago, IL

                 Herstory, Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center, Chicago, IL

2013       Georgia Small Works 4th Annual Exhibition, Oconee Cultural Art

                      Foundation, Watkinsville, GA

                 Body Beautiful...Body Bizarre, Renegade Femme,


                 Metro Montage XIII, Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, Marietta, GA

                 Lyndon House Annual 38th Annual Juried Exhibition, Lyndon House

                      Arts Center, Athens, GA

2011        Artist Juried Exhibit, Hampton Fine Arts Gallery, Greensboro, GA

2010       Five Points Art Festival, Athens, GA

                 Southworks, Oconee County Arts Foundation, Watkinsville, GA

2008      Lyndon House 31st Annual Juried Exhibition, Lyndon House Arts Center,

                     Athens, GA

2005      Clayton Street Gallery, Clayton Street Gallery, Athens, GA

2004      Lyndon House 29th Annual Juried Exhibition, Lyndon House Arts Center

                      Athens, GA

Bibliography (periodicals and books)

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Bibliography (news sources)

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     Since childhood, I have drawn but never thought of myself as an artist until 1993.  About this time I was reading a number of self-help books, one of which recommended watercolor painting as good therapy for self-esteem.  Well, I thought since I could draw, maybe I should try it: what could I lose?   So I bought a watercolor book and the necessary supplies and began teaching myself the medium; I kept at it, improving slowly.  
     Gloria Steinham, the author of that self-help book, A Revolution From Within, would be proud to know that learning to watercolor did help me: in fact I found myself. I would have loved to drop everything and enroll in an art school, but I had to continue my career as an elementary school teacher since my family seemed to enjoy the necessities of life.
     Since 1993, I have read, observed, enrolled in a few classes, and painted whenever time permitted.  In 2001, someone suggested that I try my hand at oil painting, so I did, and I've been painting in oils pretty much exclusively ever since.  
    In 2009, I retired from teaching and became a full-time artist. It's strange being "sixty-something" and starting again when society views people my age as "long in tooth" and "past one's prime."  Placing the watercolor brush into the well of paint in 1993, however, was the birth of me as an artist.  So I consider my artist self to be a mere "twenty-something," which I say tongue-in-cheek; however, upon reflection, my growth as an artist does resemble that of growing from a child into an adult.
     For the first eleven years of my "artist self," I painted what interested me, mostly still lifes and portraits, but in 2004, a visit to an exhibit at The Georgia Museum of Art entitled “Coming Home: American Paintings from 1930-1950” motivated and focused my artistic style and voice.   On the walls of the museum hung beautiful rich oils that spoke to the social and cultural issues of that era by portraying the daily lives of ordinary people.  These narrative representational paintings, especially the work of the Social Realist, Ben Shahn, captivated me and impacted my artistic sensibility.   I had no epiphany that evening but rather a realization that I wanted my work to move beyond depictions of objects and people and toward narrative work that connected with human emotions.  
     Since 2004, my paintings have focused on people and their stories. I'm very fortunate and grateful to have had many opportunities to exhibit my work regionally and nationally and also to be published in a few magazines and books.  I look forward to many more years of artistry.



 Melody Croft has been an exhibiting artist for sixteen years. Her work has been chosen in numerous exhibitions in Georgia including The Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, GA; Trio Contemporary Art Gallery, Athens, GA; Oconee County Arts Foundation, Watkinsville, GA; Callanwolde Fine Art Center, Atlanta, GA; Lady fest Atlanta, Atlanta, GA; Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA.  Croft’s work has exhibited nationally at the Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA: City Gallery, Charleston, SC; Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center, Chicago, IL; Site: Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, Janalyn Hanson White Gallery at Mount Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, IA.  In 2018, Melody co-curated the exhibit, Resonance: a bi-sensory art exhibit at Oconee County Arts Foundation, Watkinsville, GA.   
     Larry Ossei-Mensah, the Susanne Feld Hilberry senior curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, awarded her a Merit Award in 2020 in the Lyndon House 45th Annual Juried Exhibition.  The Georgia Museum of Art selected Croft in 2012 as a winner in the Kress Project and published her winning painting in their book The Winning Entries, The Kress Project (Georgia Press 2013). Her paintings are in several periodicals and on the cover of a book of poetry, A Thousand Scattered Moments, by Ellen Cowne.



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